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2024 Spring

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2024 Korea Media Management Association Conference for Graduate Students

In Busan, South Korea

On March 2024, Seungyeon, Jaeyoung, Minhyeok, and Saehe presented their research at the Korea Media Management Association Conference for Graduate Students. To kick off the conference, Sehee presented her research titled "Niche Analysis of Competition among Music Streaming in Korea." It was her first academic conference presentation and marked the beginning of her scholarly journey. Seungyeon followed with her research on merchandising products in the webtoon industry, titled "Exploring the Perceived Value of Webtoon-based Merchandise: The Role of Narrative Transportation and Fan Identification." Jaeyoung, whose academic interests lie in the Korean content industry, shared her research on the convergence of the Korean TV drama and film industries with the impact of Netflix. Minhyeok, the newest addition to our lab, meticulously presented his research on "What is an Entertainment Robot?: A Comprehensive Review of Entertainment Robot Research." With diverse subjects and methodologies, we had the opportunity to showcase our most recent research in front of respected researchers, receiving insightful feedback to further enhance our researches.

Niche Analysis of Competition among Music Streaming in Korea


Sae he

I presented on the competitive analysis of music streaming services provided domestically in South Korea. I am planning to conduct research targeting adolescents who engage in mobile-centric media consumption, and I have adopted the theory of niche as the theoretical background. Thanks to this opportunity, I received valuable feedback and will be able to develop the research in a better direction.

Exploring Perceived Value of Webtoon-based Merchandise: The Role of Narrative Transportation and Fan Identification



This study aims to explore consumers' perceived value of merchandise in narrative entertainment content based on the extended transportation imagery model and fan identification, specifically focusing on webtoon-based merchandise. Thanks to all the reviewers who have provided thoughtful comments for my study.

Convergence of Korean TV Drama and Film Industries with the Impact of Netflix

다. 발표사진_박재영.jpg


This paper explores how Netflix's arrival in the Korean media industry has driven the convergence of TV drama and film sectors. Through interviews with content producers, it analyzes the transformation of the traditional value chain into a unified industry model.


It was wonderful meeting individuals who share similar concerns, introducing my research, and seeking advice. The fact that it all took place in Busan made it even more enjoyable!

What is an Entertainment Robot?: A Comprenhensive Review of Entertainment Robot Research



This research is a comprehensive review of entertainment robots. It aims to conceptually define what an entertainment robot is and bibliometrically analyze research trends of entertainment robots. As this was my first time participating in a conference, it was nervous yet enjoyable experience. Thanks to all the reviewers and organizers for providing such insightful event.


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Do you recognize the significance of local platforms in today's global society?

If you have an interest in the platform industry, this video will guide you in organizing your thoughts and developing a comprehensive understanding of the topic.


Yeah!!! Finalllllly, the articles have been accepted!


Viewer emotional response to 

webtoon based drama: An EEG analysis

Available Online


Journal Index



November, 2023

International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction


Electroencephalography + Interview 

Webtoon, Content extension, Viewer emotions, 

Neuroscience, Electroencephalography



This study introduces the electroencephalography, a cutting-edge neuroscience measurement, in the realm of entertainment studies. Through the synthesis of both quantitative and qualitative data, this paper puts forth a robust strategy for expanding content seamlessly from webtoons to drama.


(1st Author) 

Hello, I'm Jaeyoung, a Ph.D. student in the SUITE Lab, currently navigating my first semester alongside Seungyeon in the Ph.D. program. It's been a two-year journey since the inception of this study, and I'm thrilled to announce the publication of this paper. This work represents my venture into interdisciplinary research. Given my initial limited understanding of neuroscience, interpreting the results posed a significant challenge. However, with gratitude to my supervisors and colleagues, their support has been instrumental in enabling me to persist and make progress in my research:)

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