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[BK21 Four R&E Center for M&C] The 6th Strange, But Ideal University Life Forum (理想한 대학)

Time: 2022.09.01 Thursday, 12:00 ~13:20

Location: CCL Event Hall, Korea University

Title: Expansion of Research based on AI

Host: Prof. Ma, Dong Hun (Media & Communication, Korea University)

Presenter: Prof. Lee, Sunghwan (College of Informatics, Korea University)

Discussionist: Prof. Jyoung, Soonyoung (College of Informatics, Korea University)

Prof. Nam, Hosung (College of Literature, Korea University)

Prof. Joo, Hyoung Joon (Anam Hospital, Korea University)

Registration for Offline Participation: through email until August 30th Tuesday, 12:00 noon (upto 40 participants, first come first served.

- email address:

- Title of email: Registration for the 6th Forum

- Content: Major / Your title / Name / I would like to participate offline for the forum

eg) Media & Communication / Graduate Student / Hong, Gil Dong / I would like to participate offline for the forum.

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