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[CIS] The 16th Monthly Seminar & 9th Intelligence Information Forum on 2021.04.30

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

제9회 지능정보포럼 & 16회 CIS월례 세미나
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The 16th CIS monthly seminar & the 9th Intelligence Information Forum is held on 2021.04.30.

Time: 2021.04.30, Friday, 14:00~15:30

Location: Online

Host: Prof. Jung, Yoonhyuk (Korea University)


  1. "The Impact of Social Interaction on User Engagement: Focusing on YouTube Beauty Contents", by Eunji Byun (Korea University)

  2. “The Current Status of Evaluation and Competition of Universities; the Role of Advanced Education in ICT Society" by Suwhan Park (Research Professor at CIS)

Conference ID: 954 681 6409

PW: Media@0430

Please participate to the event as the attendance will be checked.

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