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SUITE Lab aims for a high-end education and research

in a pleasant environment like a premium room.

A premium room of a hotel

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SUITE LAB respects the individuality of each member while maintaining the community goal of All for one, one for all

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Korea University

Strategic Understanding of

Media Industry,

Digital Technology and End-user


The SUITE Lab aims to be

one of the world’s leading research teams 

Research Area

Our research area includes new media, digital business as well as media industry.

We are interested in new emerging media and ICT (Information and communication technologies)

and their use and impacts in personal life, business world and whole society.

In addition, we do pay attention to global media and ICT ecosystem with business and policy perspectives.    

New Media

We try to identify key emerging media technologies and examine the various emerging media-enabled business, social, cultural and regulatory changes. Particularly we critically analyze how new emerging media and ICT transform the industry,

the society and our personal lives. 

Digital Business

We have studied how digital technologies, in other words new emerging media and ICT, change the way of living of people as well the way of doing business. We do research on digital business and particularly digital business model and digital transformation.

Media Industry

We focus on media industry because

it makes people happy and it has the economic potential by creating wealth, employing people, and adding values. In addition, it is the reflection of the society. Finally, it is important to (national) culture and identity.

By doing research on media industry,

we may not save the industry, but we think that we will be able to be a lighthouse which sheds light on its future.

Research in 10 years

By conducting a brief literature analysis of Prof. Seongcheol Kim's 112 papers spanning 10 years (2014-2023), the following main topics are identified based on the abstracts of published articles

Digital User
Digital Market & Policy
Digital Platform & Content
Digital Tech & Social Problem
연구실적보고_영어 (2).jpg

Below bibliometric network is based on the keywords extracted from published articles using VOS Viewer.

From 2014 to 2023, the research trend can be observed transitioning from purple (2014) to yellow (2023).

While maintaining a focus on information and communications technology (ICT) within the South Korean context, the emphasis has shifted primarily from the mobile ecosystem (purple) to content (orange),

consumer behavior (yellow), government (yellow), and social issues (yellow).

스크린샷 2024-02-06 155902.png

Strength of SUITE Lab

The SUITE Lab aims to be one of the world’s leading research teams that inspires people’s strategic understanding of media industry, digital technology and end-user


Research Center based


Promoting multidisciplinary research through our large-scale centers, the Center for ICT and Society, the Smart Media Service Research Center, and the BK21 Four Research and Education Center for Media and Communication


Problem Solving study based on Industrial-Academic Cooperation

Conducting research in collaboration with representative companies such as Naver, SKT or CJ ENM or government agencies such as Ministry of Science and ICT or Korea Communications Agency to address real-world issues 


International Joint Research Network

Actively executing cooperative research with foreign researchers involved in established research network through activities at international societies such as ITS, IMMAA or exchange with universities abroad

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