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There's a lot happening in our lab. 

I will give you a brief summary of our monthly highlights!

Los Angeles to San Francisco


Los Angeles, USA

In late August of this year, we visited Los Angeles and San Francisco, immersing ourselves in the K-POP fervor at KCON, and exploring the global expansion of Naver Webtoon in the USA. Directly experiencing K-Pop and Webtoons in the USA was truly inspiring, reminding us of the webtoon advertisements that adorned the Paris Opera station.


Starting from a convention to a K-Pop concert, KCON 2023 completely blew our minds! Food, Cosmetics, Musics, Platforms... everything was there!


I have never expected to see "Omnisicient Reader," (which is my favorite!) in the Workshop in KCON LA 2023! This workshop explores how webtoon transforms into prints by IZE Press.


My heart raced as we entered Naver Webtoon in Los Angeles. The wall adorned with webtoon characters greeted us, and the conversation with editors and the executive was truly inspiring.


LINE FRIENDS in Hollywood? Hundreds of LINE friends can found here. The major ones are definitely BT21, the IP co-created by LINE and BTS!


A brief meeting with the professors in the University of Southern California 


A short campus tour guided by Professor Eunjin Kim! We are right at the center of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg Building at USC Film School.


San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is undeniably the heart of startups these days. During our time there, we had the opportunity to meet Korean-run startups in San Francisco, California, and listen to their insights on the challenges and opportunities within the media industry.


What does the future hold for news broadcasting and journalism? How can we access premium media content in today's landscape? Perhaps Miilk could offer a solution.


Is there anyone who isn't familiar with Blind? We're all acquainted with the anonymous social networking platform for the workplace! It was a great pleasure to learn more about Team Blind in the USA.


Do you recognize the significance of local platforms in today's global society?

If you have an interest in the platform industry, this video will guide you in organizing your thoughts and developing a comprehensive understanding of the topic.


Yeah!!! Finalllllly, the articles have been accepted!

스크린샷 2023-11-20 141240.png

Developing a conceptual framework for digital platform literacy

Available Online


Journal Index





November, 2023

Telecommunications Policy


Literature review

Platform literacyDigital literacy, Digital platform, Digital platform literacy framework

This study proposes the innovative concept of platform literacy, specifically within the context of digital platforms. By systematically examining the existing literature on digital platforms and digital literacy, it attempts to provide a conceptual foundation for assessing an individual's platform literacy.


(1st Author) 

Hello!! I am Seungyeon, a Ph.D. student in the SUITE Lab. I am currently in the first semester of the Ph.D. program and am happy to see my first paper published during this program. Studying is a tiring task, but with mentors and awesome colleagues always helping me out over the course of years. Reviewing more than 700 papers was a challenging task, but I see the value of this paper in proposing literacy in a practical setting in this platform-dominated society. I want to express my sincere thanks to Professor Kim for his unwavering support throughout my academic journey. Without him, I probably would not have been able to start and continue this paper! Thank you all!

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