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ITS Asia-Pacific 2023

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Bangkok, Thailand

In late November 2023, we attended the 16th International Telecommunications Society Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Bangkok. The conference theme, "Reimagining the Future of the Digital Society," set the stage for insightful discussions. Representing SUITE Lab, Chaeyun, Jinkyung, Seungyeon, Jaeyoung, and Hanmin presented our research for the Student Competition Award.

Please check a short article celebrating our wonderful ITS conference in Bangkok from Stephen Schmidt 


Our professor, Kim, presented as a speaker on the theme of "Climate Action in the Telecom Sector: A Dual Approach to Net Zero," in ITS Asia-Pacific, 2023.


Chaeyun, Jinkyung, Seungyeon, Jaeyoung, and Hanmin showcased our research papers at this year's ITS Asia-Pacific 2023, receiving insightful comments from international researchers.


Particularly noteworthy, Chaeyun, Jaeyoung, and Seungyeon clinched student paper awards! We are incredibly proud of their outstanding achievements!


An amazing show adorned the final night of the conference. A violin performance delighted our ears, adding a memorable touch to the event.


The traditional Thai dance, seamlessly merged with an eye-catching video background, provided a truly memorable experience. The beauty of this performance was unexpected and added an extra layer of enjoyment to the conference.


We can't forget the delightful meals we enjoyed in Thailand. Over the course of three days, Park Sheraton served us a variety of well-crafted dishes, allowing us to savor both Thai specialties and international cuisine.


There's a lot happening in our lab. 

I will give you a brief summary of our monthly highlights!


Do you recognize the significance of local platforms in today's global society?

If you have an interest in the platform industry, this video will guide you in organizing your thoughts and developing a comprehensive understanding of the topic.


Yeah!!! Finalllllly, the articles have been accepted!

스크린샷 2023-11-20 141240.png

Developing a conceptual framework for digital platform literacy

Available Online


Journal Index





November, 2023

Telecommunications Policy


Literature review

Platform literacyDigital literacy, Digital platform, Digital platform literacy framework

This study proposes the innovative concept of platform literacy, specifically within the context of digital platforms. By systematically examining the existing literature on digital platforms and digital literacy, it attempts to provide a conceptual foundation for assessing an individual's platform literacy.


(1st Author) 

Hello!! I am Seungyeon, a Ph.D. student in the SUITE Lab. I am currently in the first semester of the Ph.D. program and am happy to see my first paper published during this program. Studying is a tiring task, but with mentors and awesome colleagues always helping me out over the course of years. Reviewing more than 700 papers was a challenging task, but I see the value of this paper in proposing literacy in a practical setting in this platform-dominated society. I want to express my sincere thanks to Professor Kim for his unwavering support throughout my academic journey. Without him, I probably would not have been able to start and continue this paper! Thank you all!


Viewer emotional response to 

webtoon based drama: An EEG analysis

Available Online


Journal Index



November, 2023

International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction


Electroencephalography + Interview 

Webtoon, Content extension, Viewer emotions, 

Neuroscience, Electroencephalography



This study introduces the electroencephalography, a cutting-edge neuroscience measurement, in the realm of entertainment studies. Through the synthesis of both quantitative and qualitative data, this paper puts forth a robust strategy for expanding content seamlessly from webtoons to drama.


(1st Author) 

Hello, I'm Jaeyoung, a Ph.D. student in the SUITE Lab, currently navigating my first semester alongside Seungyeon in the Ph.D. program. It's been a two-year journey since the inception of this study, and I'm thrilled to announce the publication of this paper. This work represents my venture into interdisciplinary research. Given my initial limited understanding of neuroscience, interpreting the results posed a significant challenge. However, with gratitude to my supervisors and colleagues, their support has been instrumental in enabling me to persist and make progress in my research:)

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