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[SSK] 2020-21 The 4th Networking Symposium on 2021.05.21

SSK 4차 네트워킹 합동 심포지엄
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Name of Center: Center for ICT & Society (CIS)

Time: 2021.05.21 10:00~11:45 (Online)

Host: Professor Kim, Seongcheol (Korea University)


1. Investigation on the User Engagement with YouTube Comments Using Topic Modeling

- Presenter: Lee, Eujun, Master Course on Business, Seoul National University

- Discussionist: Park, Jaeyoung, Master Course on Media & Communication, Korea University

2. User's Perception of Ethical Responsibility of Artificial Intelligence

- Presenter: Dr. Ann, Jeongyong (CIS, Korea University)

- Discussionist: Dr. Kim, Minsung (CMI, Korea University)

Conference ID: 552 771 5292

PW: 3Di08p



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