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[SSK] The Second SSK Symposium (Academic Conference) & December Monthly Seminar

The Second Symposium
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The Second SSK Symposium (Academic Conference) & December Monthly Seminar will be held on December 22th, Thursday, 2022.

Time: December 22th Thursday, 2022, 10:00~18:00

Location: LW Convention Center

The event is hosted by National Research Foundation of Korea.

1st presentation

- Presenter: Jungin, Nam (Korea University) / Discussionist: Sun Kyong Lee (Korea University)

- Title: Research on consumption of online news and commentor's follow network

2nd presentation

- Presenter: Soyoun, Park (Korea University) / Discussionist: Yongjun, Sung (Korea University)

- Title: Affect of human likeliness and interactions by virtual show hosts on public trust of informant

3nd presentation

- Presenter: Chaeyoon, Jang (Korea University) / Discussionist: Saerom, Lee (Kyungpook National University)

- Title: Kids content as IPTV platform's new differentiator: The Korean Case

4th presentation

- Presenter: Yoonkyung, Jo (Korea University) / Discussionist: Aran, Park (Korea University)

- Title: Determinants of difference of understanding critics of media according to age variance

5th presentation

- Presenter: Youngjoo, Kang (Korea University) / Discussionist: Hyunmi, Paek (Korea University)

- Title: Affect of Creator attributes of user-creating platforms on user preferences

6th presentation

- Presenter: Yu Jun, Park (Korea University) / Discussionist: Moonkyung, Jang (Gachon University)

- Title: Different perceptions of blockchain in music industry: a social representation study in Korea



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