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The USC-KU 1st Joint Symposium

On Thursday, July 27, starting at 8 a.m., there will be a joint symposium hosted by USC and KU's Research Center. The event will be held both offline and online. The symposium will feature a series of exciting research presentations centered around exciting topics such as K-culture and digital platforms. It's a opportunity to explore the latest industry trends and gain valuable insights.

Time: 27th July 2023, Thursday, 8:00 - 12:00

Location : Online in California (Refer to QR code)

On/Offline in Seoul, Room 601, Media Hall, Korea University

Opening Schedule

Welcome Speech

- Prof. Galperin (ARNIC, USC)

- Prof. Seongcheol Kim, (CIS/SSRC, KU)

Keynote Speech

- Jiyoon Son (Head of Strategy and Policy, Naver Corporation)

K-Culture Session

- Prof. Henry Jenkins & Becky Pham (USC)

- Prof. Herin Shin (KU)

-> Retribution Gone Newtro: Decolonizing Ressentiment in Korean Revenge Dramas

- Doctor's course : Heeyoung Rho (KU)

-> Resistance or Expulsion? An Impertinent Reading of BL based on in-depth Interviews with Korean Female Readers

Digital Platform Session

- Prof. Dmitri Williams & Kyooeun Jang (USC)

- Prof. Sun Kyoung Lee (KU)

-> Trust in and intelligent virtual agent: Influence of gendered voice, interaction type, and ethnolinguistic accent

- Doctor's course : Seungyeon Ha (KU)

-> Enhancing Color Vision Deficiency Accessibility in South Korean Webtoons with a Deep Learning-based Color-blind Mode



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