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  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.01.05) Seoul Shinmun Daily. [Quote] "You'll get caught in a regulatory trap before you're even big"... Establishing a New National Vision for 'Platform Powerhouse' (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.01.11) Edaily. [Quote] Evolving Digital Election Campaigns (Link)
  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.01.11) News and Views of Korea. [Participation] Korea University Discusses Innovation in Graduate Education and Research for Sustainable Care Transition (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.01.11) The Electronic Times. [Participation] Korea University Holds Living Lab Forum for Sustainable Development (Link

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.01.11) Newsis. [Participation] Korea University Holds Living Lab Forum for Sustainable Development (Link

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.01.13) Medical News. [Participation] 4th Living Lab Forum for Sustainable Development (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.01.14) Sanhak News. [Participation] Graduate Education and Research Innovation Discussion for Sustainable Care Transition… Korea University Completes 4th Living Lab Forum (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.02.07) The Kyunghyang Shinmun. [Quote] Malicious comments, 'Vicious circle of cruelty' (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim, Chulmin Lim, Chaeyun Jang (2022.02.11) Mediaus. [Research] Insufficient OTT Production Capacity in Korea...Exclusive content and IP should be secured (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.03.10) Edaily. [Quote] Competing with U.S. and China, Digital 'G3' may be possible...We need to change the platform to "post-regulation." (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.04.15) Chosun Ilbo. [Participation] Government reorganization and transition committee reports should not just be presented, but requires through analysis. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.05.13) Chosun Ilbo. [Participation] The basic framework of five-year national operations should be thoroughly reviewed for 110 national tasks. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.05.31) Law Times [Participation] Korea University Data × Artificial Intelligence Law Research Center, June 10th Foundation Anniversary Seminar. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.06.08) Daily Smart [Participation] Korea University Data × Artificial Intelligence Law Research Center, Foundation Anniversary Seminar. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.06.09) Security News [Participation] Korea University holds a seminar on 'the legal system according to digital transformation and the role of universities according to social change' (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.06.16) Cheonji Ilbo [Participation] Academia "Korea should ease regulations on media and entertainment… "Now is the time to live with 'Culture. (Link​)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.12.10) News Freezone [Participation] Rep. Yang Geum-hee holds a seminar on the Role of Digital Platforms to Enhance the Competitiveness of Small Businesses. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2022.12.13) Korea Lecturer News [Quote] Korea University, Ministry of Education announced the highest number of achievements in Korea's top 50 academic and research support projects. (Link)


  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.02.15) Edaily. [Quote] The clubhouse craze...Don't be mediocre. Specialized SNS is coming up. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.05.12) MediaToday. [Quote] How to make NAVER "fair." (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.05.23) Joseon Ilbo. [Quote] School Campus being the place for alcohol (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.07.19) Edaily. [Quote] Portal Outlink Compulsory Act violates freedom of speech as well as freedom of business. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.08.20) Information and Communication Newspaper. [Participation] Sustainable care and ICT needs to be scaled and platformized (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.09.29) The Electronic Times. [Participation] Ministry of Science and ICT launches 'Digital Platform Policy Forum' to promote and regulate online platforms (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.10.22) ZDNet Korea. [Participation] The next government ICT priority chosen by scholars is 'improving the legal system'(Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.10.23) Yeonhap News. [Quote] "Squid game." The hell mixed with gusts of popularity (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.10.23) INews24. [Quote] The Next Government Integrates ICT and Media Ministries...The times want it. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.10.24) The Electronic Times. [Quote] The discussion of ICT's independent ministries... The discussion is likely to continue. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.10.25) The Electronic Times. [Column] Korea has a digital platform. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.11.28) ZDNet Korea. [Participation] Discussion on "Digital Platform Regulation, Who and What Is It For" will be held. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.11.30) The Electronic Times. [Participation] Academia "The forced handling of the Platform Regulation Act is 'Piers'…Need to be thoughtful (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.11.30) ZDNet Korea. [Participation] Platform regulations, hasty legislation concerns..."The next government should discuss it." (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.12.16) Chosun Business. [Participation] Kim & Chang will hold a webinar on 'Platform, Data, AI Law and Policy Issues' on the 21st. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.12.23) INews24. [Quote] "I'm going to tear my crotch while chasing a stork"...Korean-style platform 'regulatory and promotion' urgent (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.12.23) The Electronic Times. [Quote] Platform Pre-Regulation Risk Without Thorough Analysis…a call for careful legislation (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2021.12.23) NewDaily. [Quote] Digital platform policy requires 'social responsibility' based on self-regulation (Link)


  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.01.07) Hankook Ilbo. [Opinion] You need to understand the pros and cons of intelligent information technology (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.01.10) Munhwa Ilbo. [Forum] CES 2020 Shock, Mobility, and AI regulations (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim(2020.01.28) Hankook Ilbo. [Opinion] The reason why graduate schools in Korea are shunned (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.02.13.) TV Chosun. [Quote] Democratic Party of South Korea Accuses of Violating Election Law in Kyunghyang Shinmun (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.02.14.) Herald Business. [Quote] CJ ENM and Watcha are on alert by the love call of 'Disney Plus' from Telcos (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.03.12.) Maeil Business News. [Quote] Political parties surge in applications for mediation by media outlets (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.03.25.) Herald Business. [Quote]  "Messenger App," A hotbed of digital sex crimes (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.04.08.) MBC. [Research] "I know what you wrote"…Who wrote "Bad comments"? (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.04.14.) Journalist Association of Korea. [Quote] Subscription to journalist, not to platform. The new paradigm of media (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.04.26.) Yeonhap News TV. [Quote] "Are you being discriminated against now?" (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.05.29.) Jungang Ilbo. [Quote] Naver membership subscription fee is 4,900 won…Will "Naver World" be solidified? (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.06.26.) Digital Today. [Quote] In the post-COVID-19 era, "There should be a legal system to catch two rabbits of ICT competitiveness and public safety." (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.06.29.) Deal Site. [Quote] "If it's like this, I can't guarantee Naver and Kakao's survival." (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.07.05.) The Electronic Times. [Quote] Does blackout become a reality? Expert, "Standard for user and transmission fees is urgent (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.07.22.) Edaily. [Quote] Real-time search war on real estate measures. Now it is different from the past (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.07.24.) Maeil Business News. [Quote] 'Moon Jae-in, come down' · 'Let's communicate'…Now is the era of 'protesting' with real-time search. (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.08.09.) Yeonhap News. [Quote] Netflix Holds Hands With KT…Will it be possible to secure competitiveness of native OTT? (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.08.19.) Sisa Journal. [Quote] [Who moves Korea?] Let's put down Son Seokhee's microphone. "Spring and Autumn Period" (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.08.19.) Mediaus. [Quote] TBC's No. 1 reputation shakes, "Monopoly is over" (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim(2020.08.26) Chosun Ilbo. [Column] Samsung Electronics is lagging behind in "Game of Thrones" (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.09.11.) Mediaus. [Quote] Naver Search goes from 'information provision' to 'profit creation' (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2020.09.24.) Newsis. [Quote] Controversy over 'punitive damage to fake news'..."How do you differentiate yourself from the real news?" (Link)


  • Seongcheol Kim (2019.9.3) Hankook Ilbo. [Opinion] The path to patriotism is outside the country (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2019.09.24) Hankook Ilbo. [Opinion] Kuk Cho, Only supported by the fan club (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2019.10.15) Hankook Ilbo. [Opinion] Implications of Cyworld's Fall (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2019.11.05) Hankook Ilbo. [Opinion] The Legend of an e-sports powerhouse is collapsing (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim (2019.11.26) Hankook Ilbo. [Opinion] K-pop, a transnational cultural trend (Link)

  • Seongcheol Kim(2019.12.17) Hankook Ilbo. [Opinion] Korean universities need to leap to world level (Link)

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