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[BK21 Four R&E Center for M&C] 2023 Brown Bag Seminar ' Snack with Graduate Student Researchers'

BK21 Four R&E Center has been continuously putting effort to support research activity and therefore, we have been producing meaningful outcomes and performances in academia.

Please be a part of a monthly seminar sharing our research performances. We really appreciate your participation.

Time: 15th February 2023, Wednesday, 12:00 - 13:30

Location: Room 410, Media Hall, Korea University

For Whom: BK21 students in Media & Communication

Presenter: Jaeyoung Park (Master's course)

- Title: How do people with physical disabilities want to construct virtual identities with avatars?

Registration Date: 25th January (Weds) - 11:00, 7th February (Tues)

*Lunch is provided to up to 40 participants.

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