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[BK21 Four R&E Center for M&C] Special Lecture by Timothy Berners-Lee

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

The association of CIS, SSRC, BK21, and Korea University are hosting a special lecture by Timothy Berners-Lee, the winner of the 16th Seoul Peace Prize.

Timothy Berners-Lee is a professor at the University of Oxford/MIT and a social activist who distributed the World Wide Web cost-free to the world in 1989.

He has been an ideal leader to solve social issues such as fake news, Internet addiction, privacy infringement, platform monopolization, and many more.

We invite all students in Media & Communication to welcome Professor Berners-Lee, the winner of 2022 Seoul Peace Prize, and have a meaningful moment to share his insights.

Time: November 15, Tuesday, 14:00 - 15:40

Location: 412, Cinema Trap, Media Hall, Korea University

Title of Lecture: The Third Layer: How Solid Technology and Data Sovereignty Policy Combine to Restore Peace through Individual and Organisational Empowerment

Host: Prof. Ma, Dong-hoon (Media & Communication, Korea University)

Registration Link (upto 40 participants):

The lecture will be streamed live on YouTube as well.

There will be small gifts for all participants prepared by the Seoul Peace Prize Cultural Foundation.

Thank you.

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