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[BK21 R&E Center for M&C] Special Seminar on Vacation: Strange but Ideal Summer Vacation Forum

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

For all participants in BK21 program,

Greetings, everyone.

The BK21 Four R&E Center for Media and Communication has prepared a special weekly seminar during the vacation for all graduate students.

The seminar is scheduled every Wednesday from 15:00~16:30 at room 602, Media Hall.

Starting from July 13th, this program is expected for 8 weeks.

We have prepared the curriculum based on the students' opinion to deliver essential needs of education.

Your participation will be much appreciated.

The First Forum

Time: 15:0~16:30, July 13th, Wednesday

Location: Room 602, Media Hall, Korea University

Topic: Introduction of Doctor's Research Fields and their Know-hows

Lecturer: Doctors and BK21 and SSRC (Dr. Song, Yujin, Dr. Yu, Seonghee, Dr. Lee, Younghwa, Dr. Kim, Hyungmin)

Registration: Please check your the group chat of Media & Communication

Inquiries: Student President, Kim, Dongmin (

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