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[CIS] March Monthly Seminar & April Monthly Seminar

March Monthly Seminar will be held on April 1st, 2022.

Time: April 1st Friday, 2022, 14:00~

Location: Online (Zoom Link is provided below)

Presenter: Professor Park, Jonghwa (Business Information & Education, Gongju Univ), Bae, Sunghoon (Business, Kyungpook Univ)


Professor Park

- "Negative emotions and behavioral reaction according to different types of perceived risks of leakage of privacy information: Through text mining approach"

Bae. Sunghoon

- "Three dimensions of reviewer's experiences on review helpfulness: Focusing on online game as experience goods"

Conference ID: 595 920 5784

PW: CISku12!@#

April Monthly Seminar will be held on April 29th Friday, 2022.

Time: April 29th Friday, 2022, 10:30~12:00

Location: CJ Creator Library (CCL), Korea University (Offline Event)

Presenter: Dr. Choi, Jaewon

Dr. Choi graduated Media & Communication here at Korea University as a master's degree and earned doctor's degree at the University of Texas at Austin.

Articles for both degrees, respectively, are "An AHP approach toward evaluating IoT ecosystem in Korea" and "Investigating the surveillance imaginaries and privacy practices in smart health: A

comparison between the U.S. and South Korea".

Dr.Choi's specialty in research is Technology Adoption, Privacy Perception & Behaviors,

Digital Inclusion, Digital Skills, Media Industries and Policy.

Please participate in the seminar to have in-depth discussion of his current research.

We appreciate your interests in our monthly seminar.

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