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Roles of Digital Platform for the Traditional Market Workers Conference

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Conference with a regulatory association is held at National Assembly.

Title: Roles of digital platform for the traditional market workers

Time: 14:00, December 9th, Friday, 2022

Location: The 4th Conference Room, National Assembly Hall

*The event is live-streamed on YouTube as well.


- Prof. Kim, Seongcheol (Korea University)


- Prof. Bu, Soohyun (Gyeongsang National University)

Status of E-commerce ecosystem and its prospective

- Prof. Kim, Junghwan (Pukyong National University)

Perception of digital platform by regional traditional market workers


- Park, Yuri (Researcher, KISDI)

- Jung, Yeon-A (Lawyer, WeAdvise)

- Jung, Yoonhyuk (Professor, Korea University)

- Jung, Jiyeon (Secretary general, Consumers Union of Korea)

The event is hosted by People Power (Yang Kumhee, Eom Tae-young) and supervised by Digital Platform Research Center, Korea University.

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