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[BK21 Four R&E Center for M&C] Strange, But Ideal University Life Forum (理想한 대학)

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

理想한 대학 포럼 안내 (Introduction of Ideal University Life)

A forum to discuss a new paradigm of media industry and cultivation of new talents will be held on Thursday of the last week of every month from March to December.

We appreciate your interests and participations.

Time: 2022.03.31 Thursday, 11:40~13:20

Location: Event Hall, CJ Creator Library, Korea University

Title: Ideal University, the Roadmap of the top-notch University

Host: Professor Ma, Dong Hun (Media & Communication, Korea University)

Discussionist: Kim, Yong Hak (the 18th President of Yonsei Univ.), Kim, Doh-Yeon (the 7th President of POSTECH)

Offline Participation: accept by email until 3.29 Tuesday (40 participants available)

*Please send email to

*Title of the email: Register for KICK OFF 1st Forum

*Content: Major / Your title / Name / I would like to participate offline for the forum

eg) Media & Communication / Graduate Student / Hong, Gil Dong / I would like to participate offline for the forum



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