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[CIS] 2022 Workshop (02.24) & [SSK] The Networking Symposium (02.25) on 2021.12.17

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

[CIS] 2022 Workshop

Time: 2022.02.24 Thursday. 10:00~14:30

Location: Cinema Trap, Korea University


10:00~10:10 Introduction by Prof. Kim, Seongcheol

10:10~12:30 Introduction of labs (Research field, members, proposals)

12:30~13:30 Lunch break

13:30~14:30 Integrated Discussion

[SSK] The Networking Symposium

Time: 2022.02.25 Friday, 10:00

Zoom Link:

Conference ID: 811 2685 4133

PW: 381067

Host: Prof. Kim, Seongcheol (Korea University)

1. Title: Growth of YouTube Music and Downturn of Melon in South Korea: Through a Mixed Method of a Business Model and SWOT Analysis

Presenter : Yu Jun Park (Master's Course on Media & Communication, Korea University)

Discussionist: Dr. Choi, Hanbeoul

2. Title: The Effect of Environmental-friendly Behavior within the Meta-verse to Reality

Presenter: Hyounglok, Jin (Master's Course on Psychology, Korea University)

Discussionist : Dr. An, Jeongyong

3. Title: Virtual Museum in Post Corona

Presenter: Seungyeon Ha (Master's Course on Media & Communication, Korea University)

Discussionist : Dr. Kang, Suhwan

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