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[CIS] The 11th Intelligence Information Forum on 2021.03.23

제 11회 지능정보포럼_22.03.23
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The 11th Intelligence Information Forum is held on 2021.03.23.

Time: 2022.03.23 Wednesday, 10:30~11:50

Location: Room 410, Media Hall, Korea University

Lecturer: Hyunmo, Koo (Master Graduate of Media & Communication at Korea University, COO at GreetinPeace)


Topic: In between the ideal and reality of start-ups during the evolution of media commerce

First Question: What are the implications regarding the contents of buzzfeed and evolution of commerce?

Second Question: What are the implications and business strategies of Blank, APR, and Adapt, who the national leaders of media commerce?

Third Question: What are the reasons behind the lack of media commerce targeting the seniors? From personal perspectives, which market is considered the blue ocean for the growth of media commercerce.

**The forum is hosted by BK21 Four R&E Center for Media & Communication, Korea University, CIS, and SSRC

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