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Seminar for the Commemoration of Foundation of Research Center of Data·AI Law, KU [06.10.22]

The Research Center of Data and AI Law at Korea University has opened a seminar for the commemoration of its first year foundation.

Professor Kim, Seongcheol has lectured for the second topic session, titled "The role of the university according to the social change by digital transformation".

Source book of the event is attached below the post.

Title of the Seminar

- The Role of the University according to the Change of Regulations and Society Triggered by Digital Transformation

Time: 10th June, 2022 (Friday), 15:00~18:20

Location: Libertas Hall, B1, CJ Law School Building, KU

디지털전환의 과제 세미나 자료집
Download PDF • 71.34MB

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