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[SSK] Open Public Lecture by Prof. Kim Seongcheol "Are We doing Good in the Media Industry?"

Updated: May 19, 2022

On December 17th, 2021, Professor Kim Seongcheol was invited to provide public lecture on Social Science Korea (SSK) YouTube channel.

The title of the lecture is "Are we doing good in the media industry?"

The lecture, roughly 55 minutes, consists of the following instructions.

0:00 Are we doing good in the media industry?

0:25 Introduction of the lecturer

0:50 Introduction of the lecture

4:10 How is the media industry changing?

4:13 Who are the providers and how does it work?

8:35 How are the media users consuming contents?and what are they consuming?

14:46 Who are the distributors and how are they distributing contents?

21:35 What are the corporation's main strategies in media industry and what are the outcomes?

38:52 What are the lights and shadows in the Korean media industry?

55:03 How can the media industry be developed?

The link is provided below.

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